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Main Notices:
Email us at for enquiries or add us on MSN for faster replies!

Please do not ask me to sms you. My smses are already over the limit and I will only allow 2 sms per interested customer. Smses more than 2 will be charged at 20cents per sms.
Interested meaning customers that has already sent in a confirmed order form.

We will not be conducting full sprees anymore, however we will still be selling half sprees (meaning certain items from a particular spree). For those people who've ordered spree items from me previously, I will still send in your orders. Visit for sprees from now on. (:
For people whom I'm supplying sprees to, please visit in future.

Click on "(More...)" for details on the items!

Monday, October 20, 2008 @ MOVEED

Please visit the above link for more updates. ^^



Interested in Sexy Diamond products but unable to get your hands on them?

Here's your chance! I'm taking orders for Sexy Diamond!

Closing date is 31 October and payment by CASH by 31 October 2008.

Please take note that this is the first time I'm doing a spree through my supplier therefore I'll not be responsible if anything crops up. (But I've heard that my supplier is trustworthy and has started the spree many months ago. (: )

SexyDiamond Diamond Spree Click Here

Send through this order form!

Name of Product:
Size (if any):
Website link (URL):

Due to the fact that SD products are very fast selling, do try to let me know earlier and I will try my best to check for availability.

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I'll be going to Taiwan for holiday at early November.

Therefore I'll be accepting orders for Taidu items because I'll have time to go down to the stores to make purchases. Please make orders fast as I'm only accepting a certain number of orders.

If you are placing a lot of orders, the overload charge of my luggage will be paid by you guys. (:

My exchange rates will be 100% reasonable compared to other blogshops!

You can pay me (in CASH) in two different currency.

1. (Price in NT / 20) + fee. (all in SGD)

2. Price of item (paid in NT Dollars) + fee (SGD)

If interested in it, please email me for the fee I'm charging. (: Rest assure, I've calculated the amount and it's really much cheaper than what other blogshops are selling!

This will only be a one time pre-order, I'll will discuss again with my supplier if she's willing to take orders for SFA items.


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Looking for this pair of pants OR similar pair.

I'm not sure about my size but the size I had ordered was :

建議腰圍 25-26  inches
建議臀圍 34-35  inches

Budget: <$22 (can be further discussed) Best to be an instock, however if your spree is ending soon, I don't mind too! I hope to get it before 5th November. URGENT



I have one Limited Edition OST on hand.

It's autographed, selling at $49.

Can be negotiated.

I'll be selling to the first person who sends me the order form.


Email me if you want me to keep a lookout for the OST.
only if you are CONFIRMED.
because i'll place orders for you once i can get extra OSTs from my supplier.
reply me an email if you are not interested anymore.

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Click on More for details.

Your eyes aren't fooling you. This is the blacklisted list of blogshops!

#1 -

I have blacklisted them is not because the owner is a scammer or anything.
The reason is they deleted my advertising tags repeatedly for no reason.
Well, maybe it's because I'm selling stuff at a lower price than theirs.

I daresay I did not break her rules or whatnot.

Their rules about adverising:
! Spamming of ad } more then 2

I didn't spam advertisements, just I only had one advertisement on Mickeymp3&TWidols merchandise and the second one on BIH Tee at $65.
I am certainly not using a LJ account.
Plus, my advertising tagboard is 100% not shoutbox mix.

So, why is she deleting my tags repeatedly?

If you guys go search her tagboard, you will realise that not ONE of my advertisements are there. Not because I didn't advertise but because she deleted it.

Shopping-revamped will be blacklisted unless there's evidence that I'm accusing them wrongly. (meaning I did break her rules about advertising.)



I'm currently doing preorders for issues of Play and Colour magazines!

One month - $12
One year - $142.

If you only want issues with a certain idol on the cover page, I also accept!

Prices are still not fixed. ^^

Photobucket Photobucket

April 2008 Play magazine.
Feat. BBT & GZB. Double Sided.

Price: $9 (instock, negotiable)

Jstar Magazine.
Brand new (only taken out of packaging and read once.) Condition 9-10/10.
In order of the serial number.
2005 Sept.
2005 Oct (read once but still in packaging).
2006 Jan - Jul. (april edition no.6 is double side. one side feat baseball team. the other feat xiezhi)
Oct (read once but still in packaging.)

Selling 1 at $8. Negotiable, instock
All 10 at $50 (U.P $80).
Buy together with the 15 magnets at $70

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oh hello stranger is handled by Peiqi and Melissa.
Studying at Clementi Town, 15 and still growing.

Email us for enquiries or add us on MSN for fast replies! (:

♥ No dead buyers
♥ Items sold are non-refundable nor exchangeable.
♥ Shoppe-cp will not be held responsible for any damage of the goods.
♥ Please do not join the pre-order if you can't wait.
♥ All payment must be made within 3 days after your order is confirmed.
♥ Please bring the exact amount of money as change will not be given.
♥ Payment must be made before I place your order.
♥ Refunds will be given ONLY if the items you ordered are OOS.
♥ Payment made before cancelling of orders will not be refunded.
♥ Shoppe-cp reserves the right to impose a fine if you're late or unable to make it for meetups without prior notice.
Cost of fines vary with the distance and time I have to travel/have waited.
♥ Every 10 minutes late will be fined $1 (unless with valid reason)
♥ All orders are to be emailed to reserves the right to amend any terms without prior notice.

collection methods
Postage Fees
If you are unsure of the weight, please pay $4 per item (excluding RP fee). Leftover amount will be sent back with your purchases

Registered Postage add $3

$1 per 100g
$1.20 per 250g
$1.70 per 500g
$2.75 per 1kg
$3.50 per 2kg

Meetups for payment is strictly to our convenience because it's free.


Free meetups for Bukit View Secondary students on school days.

Free at Commonwealth (schooldays) and any day at Bt Batok.

NS Line:
BtGombak-Woodlands : $1.50-$2.50
Admiralty-MarinaBay : $3-$4

NE Line:
Harbour Front-Dhoby Ghout : $3-$4
Little India-Punggol : $5

LRT Stations:
Bt PanjangLRT : $2-$2.50
SengKangLRT : $6
Punggol LRT : $6

EW Line*:
Boonlay-Jurong East : $1.50
Clementi-TanjongPagar : $1.50-$3
RafflesPlace-Aljunied : $4-$6

MRT map here.

*Staions after Aljunied will not be available.
Email me if you insist on doing meetups at stations after Aljunied.



.fourth!Romance is the designer.
Inspiration from Exuvalia and mintypeach.


Pop Idols:
Can't find that particular merchandise you saw in your favourite 偶像劇?
Want to get your idol's autograph-ed album but unable to attend the autograph session?

No worries! Just email us or leave us a tag on the details and I'll check with my supplier!

Supplying issues
If you want to supply me or me to supply you, email me.

Only blogshops linked here will be given supply rate.


Leave us a tag! Advs. here will be banned.

You will be banned if...
You don't have a VISIBLE advertising tagboard (meaning have to click link to view it)
You have word limit on your tagboard.
You spam advert. 2 tags per day only. Unless your tags have been washed to the bottom of the tagboard.